Lash application guide

1. Use a lash curler to curl your natural lashes and then apply one coat of mascara (this will help to disguise your natural lashes with your fake lashes)

2. Although Glam Lash Co lashes are durable they are still delicate, so gently remove the falsie from the package to prevent pulling out lashes or damaging the lash strip (Don't forget to remember which lash is for the left eye, and which lash is for the right eye)
Tip: Use Tweezers to slowly peel the lash off the packaging, outer corner to inner corner.

3. It’s not a good look when your lashes overhang and peel up from the corners. Measuring up and trimming your lashes will ensure they are the perfect size for your eyes. Measure the lash band by holding it against your natural lash line, and trim from the outer corner.

4. Using non-irritant lash adhesive to carefully apply a thin line along the strip lash line. Be careful not to get any on the actual lashes. Wait until the glue has become tacky before applying.

​5. We recommend applying the lashes using our "fake eyelash applicator tweezers" as it makes it easier to apply and press the lash tight above the lash line. We also recommend applying the lashes at the outer corner first, until it becomes stable and then press the lashes into the inner corners. 

6. Once the lashes are securely stuck down, press your natural lashes lightly into the false lashes. This helps to stop the lash from lifting, blends them together, and avoids showing skin between the natural lash and fake lash.

Don't forget to store your lashes in the Glam Lash Co lash box after each use. Or you could store up to three pairs of lashes in our pink lash storage box.

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